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12 Foreign Firms are Blacklisted in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – The Office of Emigration and Employment Abroad (BEOE) of Pakistan has prohibited 12 foreign recruitment firms from hiring Pakistani labor personnel due to non-compliance with the employment code, which creates serious problems for migrants, Pakistan Today reported Wednesday.
The Office, which worked under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Resources Development, had included 12 foreign recruitment companies on the blacklist during the current year in order to guarantee promised jobs, timely and agreed salaries, and of the issuance of false visas, a senior official of BEOE told the media.
The official said that six recruitment agencies in Azerbaijan and three in Iraq and Oman had been banned from recruiting Pakistani labor after a thorough examination of the complaints received from the affected people and the Community Welfare Members in the country.
The companies included in the blacklist include Shah International F / S LLC, Nazar Motors LLC, Lardak LLC, ACV LLC, Arkuita LLC, Munawwar Latifi Citizen, Shirka Ardh Al-Muheet, Shirka Amwaj Ul-Bahar, Shirka Seeufue Ul-Badar, Catalyst Contract Trading Company Fourth Union Reconstruction LLC and Dar Ul Riyan International LLC.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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