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US Diplomat praises Pakistan's efforts for Afghan peace

US Diplomat Praises Pakistan’s Support for Afghan Peace

KABUL – Praising Pakistan’s support for the Afghan peace process, outgoing Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells on Wednesday said Islamabad had not only encouraged the Taliban to pursue peace, but had also taken action against other militant groups and started dismantling terror financing structures.
Recalling how the United States upped the pressure on Pakistan to deliver on its counter-terrorism expectations, the retiring senior diplomat said President Trump’s strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia unequivocally made it clear to Pakistan that it needed to take “decisive action” against groups, and the subsequent suspension of security assistance demonstrated Washington’s “resolve”.
“Since then we have seen constructive steps by Pakistan to encourage the Taliban to advance the Afghan peace process. Pakistan has also taken initial steps towards curtailing terrorist groups that threaten the region, such as arresting and prosecuting the LeT leader Hafiz Saeed and beginning to dismantle terrorist financing structures,” she further said.
She added that the peace process may achieve success during the next five years.
However, regarding terror activities such as the recent ones by Daesh, Wells said both the Afghan government and the Taliban should commonly fight such groups.
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