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Annual NATO drill gets underway in Italy.

Annual NATO Drill Gets Underway in Italy

SICILY, Italy – NATO’s annual advanced anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare exercise began on Monday.
The Dynamic Manta 2021 will run until March 5 off the island of Sicily in Italy, the alliance’s maritime command said in a statement.
“Submarines from Greece, Italy, Turkey and the United States under the command of NATO submarines join surface ships from France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey.
“This year, the French carrier strike group Charles De Gaulle will also join the formation with five surface units from France, Belgium, Greece and the United States,” the command said.
He said the purpose of the exercise was to provide complex and challenging warfare training to participants to improve their interoperability and anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare skills.
The command said eight NATO allies were participating in the exercise, including Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

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