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Armed robbers kill kabul man, loot

Armed Robbers Kill Kabul Man, Loot School

KABUL – A group of armed robbers on Thursday entered a school in PD8 of Kabul and looted the mobile phones and other belongings of the students.
The school is named Abdul Hai Habibi High School.
Elsewhere, students said that some of these robbers were carrying pistols and knifes and they beat some students.
In the northern part of Kabul, on Wednesday night, the armed robbers stopped a vehicle and looted money and mobile phones of the passengers.
“They had covered their faces, they entered the classes with guns in their hands and closed the doors, they looted students’ mobile phones and money,” said Khalid, a student of Abdul Hai Habibi High School in Kabul.
“With this situation no one is able to learn,” said Mohammad Haroon, a student.
“They carry guns and looted phones and money,” said Mohammad Kabir, a resident in Kabul.
“Even the people are afraid to go to the mosque for prayer,” said Mairaj, a father of a student.
Police in Kabul have said that the armed robbers may be from among the students and they will be arrested soon.
Meanwhile, in PD13 of Kabul, people gathered on Thursday to bury the dead body of Mohammad Aziz, a resident of Kabul who was killed by the armed robbers on Wednesday.
Mohammad Aziz and his brother were trying to save a girl from the robbers who then attacked them.
Mohammad Aziz was killed and his brother was wounded.
“Parents have responsibility to train their children,” said Amir Mohammad, the brother of the victim.
Kabul police HQ has said that it has arrested dozens of these robbers and their cases will soon be sent to the legal and judicial institutions.
“They are with they police, their files will be completed and will be referred to the legal and judicial institutions,” said Tariq Aryan, a spokesman for the Kabul Police.
A robber meanwhile said: “We committed a mistake, we were drunk, we stopped three people and took their mobile phones.”
(Sahar News)

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