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British Brexit Party Scores as Conservatives and Labor Falter

LONDON – British Veteran politician Nigel Farage’s new political party has made good progress in the European elections. His party and several anti-Brexit parties have condemned the ruling Conservative party and the Labor opposition to humiliating defeats, Miami Herald said Monday.
With the results announced Monday morning for all of England and Wales, the Brexit party won 28 of the 73 British seats in the European Union and nearly a third of the vote. Liberal Democrats won about 20% of the vote and 15 seats, compared to only one in the last 2014 European elections.
Labor came in third with 10 seats, followed by the Greens with seven. Conservatives in power – apparently accused by voters of not organizing the Brexit in March as planned – were in fifth place with only three seats in the league.
The vote was more or less divided between the pro-Brexit forces of Farage and pro-EU liberal democrats and the Greens – at the expense of the more established parties.
Scotland and Northern Ireland are expected to announce their results later.
The Brexit Party of Farage was one of many nationalist and populist parties that gained ground across the continent in an election that saw the erosion of support for traditionally dominant political parties.
Farage, a triumphant, said his party would “stun everyone” in the next British general election if the country had still not left the European Union.
“We are not only here to leave the European Union, but to try to fundamentally change the shape of British politics, bring it to the 21st century and get a Parliament that better reflects the country,” he said.
The Farage gains helped to keep the Conservative Party in a poor performance. Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, who claims to be party leader and prime minister, said it was a “painful outcome” and warned that there was “an existential risk for our party, unless we meet to get Brexit through.”
The results reflect a deeply divided electorate on Britain’s decision to leave the EU in 2016, but united in anger against the two dominant parties, the Conservatives and Labor, who blocked the Brexit process.
After the party’s weak performance, Labour figures said the party must now take a firm stand for a second Brexit referendum, but party leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to clarify his position. He always says that the country needs a general election or a referendum on Brexit.
“With the disintegration of the Conservatives and the impossibility of governing, and the stalemate in which Parliament finds itself, this issue will have to come back to the citizens, whether through general elections or a public vote,” he said. he said, promising more “conversations” in the coming days.
Great Britain participates in the European elections because it is still part of the bloc, but the legislators it has elected will sit in the European Parliament until the country leaves the EU, which is currently planned for the October 31st.
The farxit party in Farage was officially launched in April and has only one policy: that Britain leave the EU as soon as possible, even without a divorce agreement.
But elections make Britain’s exit into the EU increasingly uncertain, with the Brexiteers and the pro-EU ‘leftovers’ able to claim strong support. Labor and the Conservatives, who were all seeking a compromise on Brexit, were hammered.
The result increases the probability of a chaotic “no agreement” exit from the EU – but also a new referendum that could cancel the decision to leave.
The Conservatives’ promises were punished for preventing the country from leaving the EU on March 29, a failure that led British Prime Minister Theresa May to announce Friday that she was stepping down from the party leadership on June 7th. The new British Prime Minister who wins the leadership race of the conservative party to replace it.
The favorites, including former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, promised to leave the EU on 31 October, even in the absence of an agreement.
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