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China Calls on India to Honour Pledge, Return Missing Soldier

China Calls on India to Honour Pledge, Return Missing Soldier

BEIJING – The Chinese military has said it hopes India will honour its promise to quickly repatriate a Chinese soldier found lost along their mountainous border where the parties have been locked in a tense standoff.
The Chinese Defense Ministry released a statement on Monday saying the soldier helped herders round-up yaks when he got lost on Sunday evening.
The Chinese side informed their Indian counterparts of the person’s disappearance and was informed shortly after he was found and would be returned after undergoing a medical examination, a Western Theater spokesperson Command, Zhang Shui said.
A statement from the Indian side said Monday that the soldier, CPL Wang Ya Long, had been apprehended in the Demchok area in Ladakh, under Indian control, and was due to be released soon.
He said the soldier “got lost” across the de facto border along the eastern section of what is known as the Line of Effective Control, a loose line separating the areas controlled by India and China.
“In accordance with established protocols, he will be returned to the Chinese authorities at the Chushul-Moldo meeting point after the completion of formalities,” the statement said.
China has arrested at least 10 Indian soldiers, including four officers, following the deadly scuffle. They were fired three days later after the intense military and diplomatic negotiations.
Relations between the two countries have often been strained, in part due to their undefined border. They waged a border war in 1962 that spilt over into Ladakh and ended in a difficult truce.
Since then, troops have guarded the undefined border and occasionally brawled. They agreed not to attack each other with guns.
India unilaterally declared Ladakh a federal territory and separated it from disputed Kashmir in August 2019, ending Kashmir’s semi-autonomous status under Indian administration. He also promised to take over the Aksai Chin plateau.
China was among the first countries to strongly condemn the move, raising it in international forums, including the UN Security Council.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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