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China said to have Narrowed Scope of Discussions Ahead of Trade Talks

BEIJING – Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is expected to lead delegation to Washington for next round of high-level trade talks with US starting this Thursday, Xinhua reported Monday.
The Chinese News agency further reported that “It is reported that the scope of discussions have been narrowed considerably in the recent days. China is increasingly reluctant to agree to a full trade deal as US President Donald Trump insists on.”
Liu indicated that the offer to the US would not include measures that address the core issues, including intellectual property theft, forced technology transfer and subsidies on state-owned enterprises. That could be a result of interpretation of Trump’s impeachment inquiries as a sign of weakening in negotiation poasition.
Trump said Friday that “We had good times with China, we had bad times with China, and right now we are at a very important stage in terms of the possible conclusion of an agreement. But what we are doing is that we are negotiating a very difficult agreement, and if the agreement is not 100% for us, we will not do it.”
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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