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China says it has Developed A New Radar System

BEIJING – China is reported to have developed a maritime warning radar, that according to its creator, could detect stealth aircraft far beyond visual range, an advanced capability that could threaten fifth-generation American fighters operating in the region.
Liu Yongtan, the team leader of the radar project, told the Chinese media that his high frequency surface wave radar emits “high-frequency electromagnetic waves with long wavelengths and large beams” that roam the service of the sea, the Global Times reported Monday, quoting a recent interview with Naval and Merchant Ships magazine.
The radar system, which is part of China’s continuing efforts to prevent a sneak attack by stealth means of the enemy, can supposedly detect enemy air and naval threats hundreds of miles away, regardless of weather situation.
The 83-year-old creator says the radar is also “immune” to anti-radiation missiles, which track the point of origin of electromagnetic waves.
Liu’s radar system, which earned him the country’s highest scientific distinction, has been named China’s “first line of defense”.
Western experts argue that this type of radar, which is not a new technology, offers the country a chance to defend against the incoming stealth elements, but some limitations prevent it from causing the death of a fifth-generation fighter like the F-35 Lightning II. Joint Strike Fighter.
“Because of its very long wavelengths, it can detect objects such as stealth planes,” Business Insider Todd Harrison, an aerospace expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Business Insider), told IRIN.
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