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Hong Kong

Chinese State Media Issues Dire Warning As Hong Kong Protests Take Dark Turn

HONG KONG – Hong Kong looked set for another long day of violent clashes and travel chaos Thursday with protesters occupying several universities across the city amid growing concern over what might happen next, CNN reported Thursday.
The level of unrest and destruction in the almost six-month-long protest movement has reached new and unnerving heights in recent days, with several people critically injured and Chinese state media warning radical protesters, “You are on the edge of doom.”
As the sun rose Thursday morning, tear gas was fired near the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Kowloon as police confronted protesters who have taken over a footbridge and thrown debris onto a major highway.
On Hong Kong Island, roads surrounding the University of Hong Kong were also blocked in the morning after protesters-built barricades Wednesday night.
Universities have emerged as a new focal point of the protest movement, with numerous campuses across the city.
At the prestigious Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in the New Territories, several thousand protesters have effectively barricaded themselves inside the grounds, blocking all entrances for the third straight day on Thursday.
The CUHK campus was on Tuesday the scene of some of the most intense fighting in the city since demonstrations began in June over a now withdrawn China extradition bill that have since expanded into a larger anti-government, pro-democracy movement.
Police fired more than 1,567 canisters of tear gas during an attempted clearance operation at the university.
Throughout the Wednesday, protesters and those helping them poured into the sprawling grounds, bringing supplies, including protective gear, food and water.
A highly organized operation was launched inside the campus, sorting and distributing the supplies, building and reinforcing barricades, and stockpiling weapons, including petrol bombs, bows and arrows, javelins, and pieces of wood hammered with nails.
Many overseas students studying at the university have been asked to leave by their home colleges and CUHK administrators announced the early cancellation of classes, stopping the fall semester around two weeks early. On Wednesday, police said they had evacuated several students from mainland China via police boat, because the roads were blocked by protesters.
All schools have suspended classes for the rest of the week — the first such instance since protests began.
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