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Daesh Fighters Are Vanquished in Nangarhar, Ghani

Daesh Fighters Are Vanquished in Nangarhar: Ghani

KABUL – President Ashraf Ghani claims Daesh fighters have been vanquished in eastern Nangarhar province.
Speaking to volunteers in Jalalabad late on Tuesday, the president commended that the security forces have “obliterated” Daesh militants in Afghanistan.
The statement came hours after a prisoner swap with Taliban insurgents raised hopes of a lull in violence in the country.
More than 600 Daesh fighters have surrendered with their families to the Afghan government in past weeks, Reuters reported. Airstrikes by Afghan and coalition forces, lack of funds and low morale have forced the group to give up, officials say.
“No one believed one year ago that we would stand up and today be saying we have obliterated IS,” Ghani told a gathering of elders and officials in Jalalabad on Tuesday.
“Now that Daesh militants have surrendered, I ask authorities to treat their families humanely,” Ghani added.
Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s official spokesperson, described Ghani’s announcement as “absurd”.
“Kabul admin had 0% role in defeat of Daesh and the proud people of Nangarhar are witnesses,” he tweeted.
The Taliban controls more territory than at any point since the US invasion in 2001, including sections of Nangarhar province.
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