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Direct Talks Will Begin ‘in the Future’ Danish

Direct Talks Will Begin ‘in the Future’: Danish

KABUL – Afghan Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish who earlier said in a statement that direct talks with the Taliban will happen on Oct.15 and after the elections has issued a correction saying the direct talks will begin ‘in the future’, without determining any date.
The US and the Taliban negotiators wrapped up the eighth round of peace talks in Qatar.
The two sides are expected to sign a peace agreement within the next few days which will provide the ground for US troop withdrawal and reduction of violence in Afghanistan.
The peace deal will also facilitate intra-Afghan negotiations which will probably take place in a European capital within the next few weeks.
Mr. Danish’s office said in a statement that Mr. Danish made the remarks at a meeting with MPs and his supporters on Tuesday.
He said the next political system in Afghanistan, the Constitution and government-related issues have not been discussed with the Taliban so far.
“US Special Envoy [ZalmayKhalilzad] and the Taliban have only talked about issues relevant to the two sides… The Afghan government is one side of the negotiations in other topics,” Mr. Danish said.
He said that peace deal with the Taliban should result in lasting stability in the country.
“People expect a peace that ends in dignity for the people of Afghanistan, enduring stability and security, and maintaining of the freedoms and achievements of the past 18 years,” he added.
(Sahar News)

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