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Afghanistan’s Young Democracy Monopolized by Arg

Feature: Afghanistan’s Young Democracy Monopolized by Arg

In last few days a list of government officials who belong to Afghanistan’s ruling elite in Arg, and are closely tied to one another through personal relations is widely shared in social media.
This list is also known by the name of ‘brother in laws’ and this is another scandal by the Arg as following:
1. Nadir Naderi, the Head of Administrative Reform Commission and brother in law of Salam Rahimi
2. Salam Rahimi, Minister for Peace affairs and brother in law of Haroon Chakhansuri
3. Haroon Chakhansuri, Acting Minister of Forgien Affairs and brother in law of Fazli advisor to president
4. Qayom Rahimi, the Governor of Herat and brother of Salam Rahimi, Minister of Peace Affairs
5. Jabar Pordil, Deputy Minister of Interior and Brother of Subham Rauf
They are considered as key individuals and ‘brother in laws’ in the Arg, who have influence and links to all government agencies across Afghanistan and Afghan embassies abroad.
More possibly anyone who is appointed by these people will be loyal to them and serve them.
Politics today, as per the ethical values, remains deceitful and deceptive. Successful politicians around the world combine politics with ethics and integrity to rule in people’s hearts.
On the other hand, it is the times when politicians can use the deceit to deceive the people and impose their fear and terror on them. Now democracy is defined a way to remove cruel people from the platform of power. But in Afghanistan it seems that some are still trying to maintain their dominance. As we know that the National Unity Government (NUG) was established as a result of an agreement in 2014.The Election Crisis of 2014 was solved by the Former US Secretary of State John Kerry.
The main theme of the NUG was based on an agreement signed between the two election teams.
The agreement does not elaborate any of the electoral team lead over the other, but both teams are defined as partners of power to fulfill certain commitments within five years. But what is remaining today of the agreement?
Ghani’s team that entered the ARG and led to the signing of the political agreement at the that time does not even mention such an agreement anymore, let alone implementing it.
The past five years of NUG was a monopoly of one team that overthrew everything and gradually took over all the country’s political affairs.
This team, whose failure in all sectors is known to everyone, is still struggling for domination and pursuing monopoly.
President Ashraf Ghani, the head of the NGU, has made a mafia that serves the personal interests only.
This has not been the case even in the most authoritarian administrations in Afghanistan.
The most authoritarian government in Afghanistan were the Democratic People’s Party and the Taliban, which, despite all the tyranny, ruled over society in comparatively better ways. But President Ghani is not as flexible as the leaders of the Democratic People’s Party of Afghanistan and the Taliban regime, and violates the agreement that he himself signed.
The recent appointment in the interior ministry is based on ethnic bases. It has not only bad impact on good governance but also destroys the spirit of past two decades’ efforts for young democracy in Afghanistan that has been achieved by thousands of tragedies and controversies over the past nineteen years.
(Sahar News)

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