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Feature: Election Results Controversy and Political Instability in Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani’s announcement as the winner of the Afghanistan’s presidential election by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) has heightened tensions between the two rival teams to the extent that the two factions threaten each other in various ways. Ashraf Ghani speaks about the dissolution of the executive post, and Abdullah declares himself as the winner of the presidential election and has announced the formation of an All-inclusive Government. In addition, the leaders of Afghanistan’s allied countries have not yet responded explicitly to Ghani’s victory or his rival’s defeat. Although the Arg has said that the EU representative in a phone call congratulated Ghani on his victory.
But the question is where can the tensions lead the country, and what impact can these tensions have on the peace process, and ultimately what is the solution to the crisis after the election results are announced?
This article discusses the solutions to the crisis that emerged after the election results were announced.
1. Annulment of Election Results: One solution to the crisis is that the results of the presidential election must be annulled and the National Unity Government (NUG) should continue to work to determine the fate of the peace talks and the elections thereafter.
2. Provisional Government: Another solution to the crisis is a Provisional Government as the announcement of the results of the Afghan elections has caused a crisis and the country is in a state of confusion. Since the days of US-Taliban peace talks, the idea of ​​a transitional government has been heard. Although not officially addressed, it has unconsciously been reflected in and outside Afghanistan. Individuals and political experts were increasingly expressing their consent to the idea of ​​a transitional government. This idea, rather than a choice, is the inevitable consequence of the complex situation prevailing in the country. For example, the countries of Cambodia and East Timor took advantage of this type of government. Indonesia has also gone through one of the successful experiences of forming an interim government to achieve political stability and reduce domestic violence. The creation of Indonesia’s transitional regime stemmed from a decade-long crisis in which workers went on a massive strike. This led to escalation of disorder and violence in Indonesia, and as a result, the president resigned. Thus the system can also overcome the crisis in Afghanistan.
3. Review of votes under the supervision of national and international observers: Since the founding of the post-election government in 2008 and the allegation of frauds in first general election in the country, more and more problems have marred the elections. These elections, instead of pushing the nation towards the establishment of popular rule and democracy, have brought the current state and system to the brink of a collapse.
The last presidential election through the mediation of the international community, and in particular the United States, somehow ended with the creation of a participatory government, and this time it is the second time in the country that the election crisis has peaked.
As it is seen everyday, the election crisis is getting worse and more and more protests are being carried out against the election commissions and Ghani’s the interference in the election results.
The leaders is Afghanistan need to realize that Presidential elections were held at a high cost of blood and money. On election day alone, four people were killed and more than $5 million were spent on funding commissions operations. To survive the current election crisis in the country, it is very important to ignore the possibility of a new general election to be held and neither the Afghan government nor international partners will be willing to pay for it. So we need to be content with this election.
Afghanistan needs to create a new plan that can put an end to the current crisis and clearly identify the winner or loser in the polls. One of the solutions to the crisis created is to re-examine suspicious votes under the supervision of national and international observers.
In democratic societies, it is necessary to achieve transparent results based on the real will of the people, because it is the will of the people that can hold the leaders truly accountable for their actions.
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