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Financial and Moral Corruption in Arg

Feature: Financial and Moral Corruption in Arg

General Habibullah Ahmadzai, a candidate removed from the Wolesi Jirga election list of Kabul and a former adviser to the president on special security issues, in a conversation with a domestic television, charged a number of President Ashraf Ghani’s advisers with moral and financial corruption and, specifically, Mahmud Fazli was named. Ahmadzai in this interview talked about the secrets inside the Arg (Afghan Presidential Palace), which if proved correct can lead to the resignation, arrest and trial of several of Ashraf Ghani’s closest advisers for corruption, bribery, and gambling, provided that the Arg decides to take serious and honest action.
In this conversation, Gen. Ahmadzai accused President Ghani’s adviser, Mahmoud Fazli, and falsified election results in the Wolesi Jirga in Kabul. According to his statements, since Fazli had been involved in the Afghan parliamentary election as a member of the inter-electoral commission, he used his influence and some of the women lawmakers from Kabul were solely selected because of ‘sexual communication’ and the ‘fake votes’.
Previously as well, corruption charges have been made by a number of Wolesi Jirga candidates against President Ghani, which, unfortunately, were not followed up by law enforcement agencies. Ahmadzai in his interview also showed documents that clarified that he has not been able to reach the Wolesi Jirga, despite having more than six hundred votes approved by the Attorney General’s office. Ahmadzai was already among the top seven in the initial list, but when the Wolesi Jirga list of voters was published by an undisclosed source from the media, his name, and the nominee of the Ismaili minority, Salih Nikbin, were removed from the final list. There were two new people, who had very few votes in the preliminary list, with a large number of votes.
According to Ahmadzai’s statement, Fazl Mahmoud Fazli had “ordered” direct members of the previous and current electoral commissions to remove his name from the list of voters and prevent him from reaching the House of Representatives.
Ahmadzai also attributed to Mr. Fazli the charges of large-scale corruption. Of which, according to him, 150 million AFN has been spent on cleaning the Kabul River, which is a large figure. However, the Kabul River is still dirty despite the promise of the President Ghani to clean up and improve.
Proof of any of these allegations alone can demonstrate massive crimes. For example, by virtue of the Criminal Law and the Law on Crimes Against Homeland and International Security, such crimes require the implementation of “the most severe punishment” for those who cheat the democratic procedures and organizations.
Financial corruption and the sale of seats of deputies and departments also require a judicial review on the basis of the anti-corruption law. Because the misuse of public money and property should have severe punishment.
In addition, the charge of “moral corruption and the promotion of prostitution” to Fazli and a number of other aides close to President Ghani is also a heavy and yet shameful charge that can seriously hurt the collective conscience of Afghanistan.
Of course, this is not the first time that the secrets of the Arg and close aides of Ghani, are being revealed in such a manner. Two years earlier, disclosure of a racist directive in the President Palace also led to many reactions. That racist directive revealed that the authority and competencies of the Afghan presidential elite were at the hands of a racist group whose work was to promote ethnic bourgeoisie and foster national distrust. Interestingly, despite the massive pressure of public opinion, the culprit was sentenced to only two years of suspension after a secret trial.
Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies, the media, civil society and political parties, have no access to Presidential Palace. That is why, according to Ahmadzai’s statement, the three major groups encircling the president, are engaged in their economic and mafia games through the army, and no plans were made to improve the political and economic situation of the country.
Ahmadzai referred to three distinct circles, which were involved the recruitment of senior government officials, corruption in economic contracts and other affairs. These three groups are: Fazl Mahmoud Fazli Group – Senior Advisor to President Ghani; Abdul Salam Rahimi Group – the head of the office of President Ghani; First Lady Group. As per Ahmadzai’s claims, these three groups, despite the involvement in financial and moral corruption, bribery and coercion in their private dealings, repeat the slogan: “Do whatever you want; don’t leave a documentary evidence”.
Now after these allegations, the most important question is whether Ashraf Ghani will allow judicial and non-judicial bodies to for impartial investigation to prove or dismiss those allegations? Or do the law enforcement agencies, including the police, prosecutors and courts, have the courage to begin criminal investigations against the personalities convicted by General Habib Ahmadzai?
As a citizen of Afghanistan, I expect the law enforcement agencies to work quickly and begin their investigation in this regard. Proving and rejecting these allegations is vital for the legitimacy and the dignity of the Afghan government and Ashraf Ghani. Ghani must know that any support he has for those accused by Ahmadzai will reduce the popularity, legitimacy and dignity of the democratic institutions of Afghanistan. It can further provide excuses to the Taliban and seriously damages public opinion about politics and participation in democratic processes.
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