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Feature, Incompetence and Mismanagement in NUG

Feature: Incompetence and Mismanagement in NUG

What you read in this article is part of the gravest problems that have been gifted to the people in Afghanistan over the past five years due to incompetence, authoritarianism, and poor policies of Ashraf Ghani.
• Governance: Since the formation of the National Unity Government (NUG), the Afghan cabinet has never been completed, and with five years of governance, more than half of the ministries, institutions and government agencies are governed by superintendents.
It has been a matter of thorough incompetence, corruption, mixed with discrimination and personal hatred with some and appeasement and “friendship” with others, the most egregious of which is the filing of a lawsuit against the First Vice President and Mr. Vahidi.
Under the pretext of rejuvenating the security agencies, Ghani implemented a comprehensive ethnic cleansing that would result in the death of hundreds of well-trained military personnel and injury to thousand others, who have now been limited to the confinement of their houses.
The authority of the state institutions has been arbitrarily centralized to the Arg, and for his beloved friends, Ghani even created a new department or ministry.
Continuous law-breaking has taken place and the issuance of more than one hundred orders in violation of the country’s constitution has been made possible only because of the misuse of authority by Arg.
• Domestic Politics: Ghani fought for authoritarian rule and created a climate of authoritarianism as far as he could by undermining the national unity. During his time, we have repeatedly witnessed the rise of silly voices who insulted and humiliated the Afghan people, and this was always accompanied by a silence from Arg.
Instead of addressing the widespread problems of the country and the people, he used all government opportunities to undermine his political rivals and launch intra-group conflicts.
Inappropriate and dictatorial treatment of civil protests and failure to respond to people’s demands for justice further added to the multiplying incompetence.
• Foreign Policy: As far as the foreign policy of the government is concerned, in some cases, it had some successes with neighboring countries, such as shutting down Iranian waters, but it could not continue that way and favor the Arab coalition by adopting disparate approaches. While he got angry with the other neighbors.
Repression of civil protests and failure to respond to the demands of the people led to protests abroad, which diminished the prestige and credibility of the NUG among its foreign supporters.
Lack of a clear policy of engagement with neighboring countries eventually led to the largest and most powerful partner and supporter of the Afghan government, the United States, turning away from the government to the extent that it would mention crushing Afghanistan, killing millions within a week, also calling it the University of Terrorists; while the same United States because of better approach by Pakistan called Imran Khan, Pakistan’s PM, as a trusted partner.
The US direct negotiation with the Taliban, despite the security pact between the two governments, is in fact bypassing the Afghan government, which itself could prove a major failure and a complete debacle of Ashraf Ghani’s foreign policy.
• Cultural and Social Sector: Previously, we could hear voice of sexual exploitation from prisons and elsewhere; however, now we hear them being used in Arg for “sexual bribery”. The secret stories of the sexual exploitation from Arg have now come out and they are resonating throughout the world.
No prominent work has been carried out regarding improvement of art and language. Persian, which is a very rich language, has been ignored by the head of the nation. Meanwhile, there has not been enough time or energy by the state institutions to properly guide the nation as far as cultural and traditional aspects of development are concerned.
• Economic Sector: President Ghani apparently pretends to be an “economist” but the economic sector shows his incompetence: the spread of unemployment and poverty for five years of his rule has been rampant; and poverty rate has increased from 5% to 6%.
Hundreds of bankruptcies and billions of dollars of national capital were transferred abroad, hundreds of factory owners suffered economic and even life-threatening losses, resulting in thousands of jobs being lost and unemployment levels doubling.
There is no news of major national projects such as “CASA – 1000 and TAPI” for which Ghani screamed loudly during his election campaign.
The claim of transforming Afghanistan into the “Four Roads of Asia” remains a daydream. The dollar rate has increased from 60 afghanis to 80 afghanis.
• Security Sector: The areas under the influence of Taliban has doubled – 30% to 60%. Spread of insecurity on roads, explosions at demonstrations, mosques, restrooms, funerals, cultural gatherings, training centers, stadiums, wedding venues and other public places can easily be observed.
The enormous casualties of the security forces that Ghani himself enumerated to be 45,000 under his rule about a year ago, may now have exceeded 50,000. What else should be presented as a proof of his incompetence?
It is not fair to conceal some of the positive things that have been done; but unfortunately, they are so small, insignificant, and ineffective that their results are not visible in all these disorders.
(Sahar News)

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