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The Silence of the Government and the Judiciary Against the Election Frauds

Feature: The Silence of the Government and the Judiciary Against the Election Frauds

There were clear indications of lack of management within the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) and within the process of fourth presidential polls, which was held with allegations of fraud and rigging.
The claims of widespread frauds in the polls appeared a day after the September 28 polls. Videos went viral on social networks showing people allegedly cheating in favor of a particular candidate.
The videos highlight that those who cast the fake votes have access to almost all the features that should be available in a polling station, including biometric devices and barcode readers. Hence, the allegations and evidences indicate widespread fraud.
But what is worrying is the silence of the government and Judiciary against the organizers of electoral fraud, which is not only an unforgettable violation of the rights of the oppressed Afghan voters but also this silence is the beginning of serious catastrophes in the country.
This silent language reveals many untold truths that express the ruling team’s compromise with fraud organizers. Now it turned out that the ruling party was involved in widespread election fraud and election engineering.
Silence against the fraud that has undermined the basic rights of Afghan people is an unforgivable sin, and all the current difficulties are in fact rooted in such fraud which has also raised doubts about the future of stability in the country.
Now, the people of Afghanistan must stand up against the traitors and fight for their rights. Unless the people who carried out or supported fraud are punished, election engineering will be transformed into a widespread trend within other election processes that may take place in the country.
It is now up to the people of Afghanistan to restore and preserve the dignity of their votes and force the government to prosecute election fraudsters. If people keep silent, it will lead to the destruction of democracy in the country.
On the other hand, the most sacred and important task of the Election Complaints Commission (ECC) is to investigate the complaints of the candidates transparently. But its primary task is to investigate electoral violations and identify electoral offenses and fraudsters so that they can be brought to justice.
At the start of the election, the IEC announced the turnout of about 2.7 million people, but after their investigation about one million votes were declared invalid.
It is clear that the invalidated votes were casted through fraud. The number of invalid votes and fake votes is really worrying and questionable, which cannot be accidental and simple. Therefore, electoral frauds must be identified and the responsible must be punished.
No one should be above the law. Those who have committed fraud should be punished by the law at whatever level they are or what position they serve in the government.
(Sahar News)

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