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Validating Non-biometric Votes in Counting Process

Feature: Validating Non-biometric Votes in Counting Process

The way the presidential election was held in the country is getting more and more controversial. The leaders of Presidential Tickets each claim to have received more votes and victory at press conferences or appear in the media and sometimes insult each another.
On social media such as Facebook pages where users express their views about election issues, there is nothing but shame as hatred is being spread. The electoral figures who defend their teams with all their emotions are merely their personal interests in how to assert their power or how to retain their wealth and power.
They are in no way committed to the national interest of the country and are instrumental in using people’s ideas and democracy and want to fill their pockets or retain power and flee the country with if tensions rise.
In addition, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) decided to prevent fraud only by validating biometric votes. The decision was welcomed by all political and civic bodies and raised hopes that there may be some transparency as far as counting of the votes is concerned.
But recently the speaker of the Senate, Fazal Hadi Muslimyar, who is the legislators’ representative in the country, explicitly stated that he would force the IEC to validate the non-biometrics votes as well.
Meanwhile, pictures are being viral on social media as if some are cheating on election day and filling the ballot boxes with fake votes.
Although officials have not commented on these frauds, which have created a lot of noise, and the election commissions have said they are committed to transparency of the election and separate the clean vote from the foul votes and are not forced to surrender. The comment itself has threatened the commission to accept a non-biometric vote (i.e. a fake vote).
Fazal Hadi Muslimyar’s statement is understood to be the result of well-organized fraud in the presidential election, and now, using his influence, he wants to pave the way for these frauds into the system so that his beloved’s votes may not be wasted.
With these considerations in mind, electoral bodies should feel more responsible in advance and make sure that the whole counting process is completed in a transparent manner. The commissions now have the responsibility of the future of democratic system in the country. They cannot let some temporary benefits hinder their commitments to their responsibilities that can ensure better future for generations to come.
It is noteworthy that if in this presidential election fraud reigns supreme, the Afghans will never believe in a democratic system in the country and the responsibility of national treason will lie with those who defend and want to cheat.
(Sahar News)

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