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Violation of Constitution by NUG in Last Five Years

Feature: Violation of Constitution by NUG in Last Five Years

Sixteen years have passed since the establishment of Afghan Constitution. According to many legal analysts, the Afghan constitution, despite its shortcomings, is one of the most advanced in the region.
Sixteen years ago, after the fall of the Taliban regime and the beginning of new political era, the Afghan people were represented by their representatives after years of lack of formal law in the country. For the first time, a constitution was established that highlighted democracy, the separation of powers and the basic rights and duties of citizens in Afghanistan.
But over the past sixteen years, even though it has been formally revised in line with different proposals, there has been some positive changes in the country because of constitution. However, the Afghan leaders and political figures have undermined it as per their self-centered incentives.
They are used to referring to it whenever they make a statement and whenever they want to blackmail the world. A constitution that, according to a survey last year, has only violated one of its articles all these years after its passage. It is violated by its founders and those who established it. It leads the country to disaster and destruction. Perhaps, the reason is the long experience of living under the circumstances without any constitution that has made our country devalue it.
But the question is why the country’s constitution has been so neglected and violated by state officials in recent years. Why those who were law enforcers themselves was not faithful to the constitutional spirit that the Afghan people voted for? The reason is clear, because over the years, by abusing it, governments have ruled the country as they saw no interest in following it.
The administrations that apparently came to power by the people vote as a result of the elections, but in reality, they came to power by insulting the constitution and ruled over people of Afghanistan by force. When President Ashraf Ghani came to power and entered in the Presidential Palace five years ago, he did so by bypassing the constitution with the help of US officials.
He promised and took oath to preserve it and its values in the country but he was the one who violated it as he became head of the state. Perhaps, in last five years of NUG, the constitution of the country has been violated many times. There has been no such violation during past administrations in Afghanistan; even not under the rule of the People’s Democratic Party, which replaced the constitution of the time of Daud Khan. The leaders of that People’s Democratic Party were not so disrespectful and didn’t violate the basic principles of their democratic republic law as President
At the moment, in contrast to the country’s constitution, the NUG is claiming legitimacy. Is this respect for the constitution and its values? When it comes to peace talks with the Taliban, President Ghani speaks loudly about the constitution, but he himself has not followed the law even once in his political life. The Constitution for the last sixteen years has only been a tool by which the government and the international community can claim privilege.
Lack of implementation of the Constitution has led the country towards crisis. Citizens’ rights have been violated, insulted and the country is in crisis. The instability that our people today face is due to violations of the Constitution.
In such an unlawful situation, Afghanistan and its people will never see peace, security and prosperity, and no doubt the government officials will not suffer from it. Afghan People and history will remember them, and one day they will be accountable to all their violations, just as their predecessors.
(Sahar News)

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