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Final Agreement on Afghan Peace Expected by 1st September

Final Agreement on Afghan Peace Expected by 1st September

KABUL – Afghan negotiations that brought together Afghanistan’s warring sides ended on Tuesday with a statement that appeared to push the country a step closer to peace, by laying down the outlines of a roadmap for the country’s future and ending nearly two decades of war.
US Special Peace Envoy for Afghan Reconciliation, Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad has said, he is hoping for a final agreement by September 1, which would allow the pull out of the US and NATO troops. He will begin the eighth round of peace talks with the Taliban later also in Qatar’s capital, Doha, where the two-day conference was held.
The statement released after Qatar talks said that a post-war Afghanistan would have an Islamic legal system, protect women’s rights “within the Islamic framework of Islamic values,” and ensure equality for all ethnic groups. The much-touted conference was attended by Taliban, National Unity government (NUG) representatives, women and members of the country’s nascent civil society. It aimed to produce a latest level of consensus among Afghan’s fissiparous society.
No date was given for the tougher talks to follow, when the many sides in Afghanistan’s protracted conflict will sit down to hammer out the details of what an Islamic system will look like, how constitutional reform will come about, and what will become of the many local militias affiliated with the country’s prominent warlords. They will also have to tackle how women’s rights fit into the definition of the “Islamic values,” as well as whether to set up an interim administration.
There was no mention of a cease-fire, which Khalilzad has said the talks on the final deal would address.
(Sahar News)

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