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Former Afghan Football Chief Karim Wanted A Warrant for Arrest

KABUL – Afghan authorities issued an arrest warrant against Keramuudin Karim, the former president of the Afghan Football Federation, following complaints of sexual violence. The police told DW that Karim may no longer be in the country.
Keramuudin Karim, former president of the Afghan Football Federation (AFF), in disgrace, must now be arrested in Afghanistan, confirmed Sunday the Ministry of Interior to DW.
We have been ordered to arrest Keramuudin Karim, Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi told DW correspondent Reza Shirmohammadi.
We will take steps to catch up with him as soon as possible, Rahimi added, while stating that Karim could be currently out of the country.
We still do not know where he is, but we will stop him wherever he is, said the spokesman.
The arrest warrant against Karim comes a day after FIFA has fined one million Swiss francs ($1.01 million, or 882,000 euros) for sexual abuse. The governing body of football around the world has also banned Karim for life after learning that at least five Afghan women have filed a lawsuit against Karim.
The Afghan leader was suspended for the first time in December, when FIFA opened its investigation. He rejected the charges against him.
US Ambassador to Afghanistan John R. Bass on Sunday hailed Karim’s ban and said Afghan women need support and a safe work environment free of harassment or aggression that their workplace is a football field office.
British human rights lawyer Kat Craig, who advises the Afghan National Women’s Football Team on the issue, told DW that the arrest warrant was “not enough”.
It’s actually a small step. We know there is overwhelming evidence that many people have been involved in sexual, physical and psychological abuse, she said.
I think it is true that the arrest was specifically aimed at Karim; because the case against him is highly publicized. But it’s just not possible that in the past five years, many women and girls have been abused and that no one knows about it, added Craig, decrying a systematic failure to protect women.
The Afghan National Women’s Football Team (AWFNT) was formed in 2010 despite opposition from conservative circles. A women’s football league was launched five years later.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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