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France Opposes Iraqi Death Sentence Against French Trio Isis

PARIS – France has confirmed that it will take “necessary measures” to prevent Iraq from applying the death penalty to three French citizens found guilty of fighting with ISIS, daily Guardian reported Monday.
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday: “France is opposed in principle to the death penalty at any time and in all places”.
He added that male detainees were provided with consular assistance in order to have a lawyer before the scheduled appeal, which they have 30 days for. The three men were sentenced on Sunday.
He added, however, that France “respected the sovereignty of the Iraqi institutions”.
The French government has long insisted that its adult citizens captured in Iraq or Syria be brought to justice in court, refusing to repatriate them when they risk being sentenced to death.
The three French members of Isis – Kevin Gonot, Leonard Lopez and Salim Machou – were transferred to Iraq to be tried after being arrested by US-backed forces in Syria.
They were among the 13 French nationals arrested in eastern Syria who were handed over to the Iraqi authorities in February because they were suspected of being members of the dreaded contingent of foreign fighters in the group.
Iraq has detained thousands of Jihadists and the Iraqi judiciary has recently declared that it has tried and sentenced more than 500 suspected foreign members of ISIS since the beginning of 2018.
His courts have sentenced many to life imprisonment and others to death, but none have yet been executed.
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