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French prime minister resigns ahead of reshuffle

French Prime Minister Resigns

PARIS – French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and his government have resigned, the Elysee Palace announced in a statement on Friday, which President Emmanuel Macron has accepted.
The statement also said Philippe would continue to handle government affairs until a new cabinet is appointed.
No reason is given in the brief statement, but a cabinet change is widely expected after Macron promised to chart a new course during the last two years of his term.
A new French prime minister will be appointed in the next few hours, the Elysee Palace said. It was not immediately clear if Philippe would be called again to form the new government.
Theoretically, Philippe may appoint a substitute for the mayor’s office so that he can remain, prime minister.
However, Macron may prefer to polish his social justice credentials with a more centrist or left-wing selection.
In an interview with regional newspapers published on Thursday night, Macron said France must prepare for a “challenging” economic crisis, so we must chart a new course. ”
“I see this based on economic, social, environmental and cultural reconstruction,” he said.
“Behind this, there will be a new team.”
Macron’s move to reshape his centrist government comes after voters punished the former investment banker and his party in municipal elections nationwide.
The elections revealed growing support for the Green Party and underscored Macron’s problems with leftist voters. The only bright spot for Macron was Philippe’s victory in the northern port city of Le Havre.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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