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Ghani Continues Pre-Election Campaign with National Treasury Critics

Ghani Continues Pre-Election Campaign Using National Treasury: Critics

KABUL – Reports indicate that President Ashraf Ghani has traveled to seven provinces for the inauguration of various projects after he officially announced his bid for entering the presidential election in January.
Presidential advisor on public relations affairs said that all expenditures for these trips were spent from the national treasury and that the president during these trips met with youths, women and religious dignitaries.
But Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) and elections observers said that these trips can be counted as a pre-election campaign which is against the laws of the country.
Nimroz, Farah, Balkh, Nangarhar, and Kandahar are among the provinces where the president has gone so far.
“Expenditures for each trip of the president is paid from the government’s money and the president makes trips to various provinces to inaugurate projects,” said Abdul Rashid Ayubi, presidential advisor.
“It’s not appropriate for the president to make trips as they are counted as the pre-election campaign,” said legal expert Abdul Subhan Misbah.
Also in Kabul, the president participated in several programs where he made some commitments to the people.
“I announce to repair or build 150 grand mosques in the districts in one month,” said Ghani in Kabul during a gathering last month.
“Presidential candidates should clarify a specific plan to the people of Afghanistan to show that how much money was spent,” said IWA researcher Naser Taimoori.
An official from the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) said that warning letters will be soon sent to the presidential candidates to refrain them from starting the pre-elections campaign.
“We have received some complaints and we are trying to asses them,” said Qutbuddin Roydar, IECC member.
The presidential campaigns are due to take place in a month time.
(Sahar News)

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