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Ghani’s Release of Ferozi is for $30m Election Funds, Nabil

Ghani’s Release of Ferozi is for $30m Election Funds: Nabil

KABUL – Presidential runner Rahmatullah Nabil has accused President Ashraf Ghani of releasing Khalilullah Ferozi, the former CEO of Kabul Bank against $30 million funds.
Nabil claimed in Twitter post that Ghani released Ferozi last week after receiving $30 million contributions to his campaign team.
“According to a credible source @ashrafghani released Khalil Firozy one of the prime suspects of Kabul Bank scandal last week after contributions of USD 30 million to his campaign camp. @ashrafghani was also part of SmartCity deal in which he fired his legal adviser M. A Mohamadi,” he tweeted.
This comes as reports emerge earlier this evening suggesting that government has released Mr. Ferozi from the prison.
According to reports, the security forces have transferred Mr. Ferozi to his residence after receiving instructions from President Ashraf Ghani.
President Ghani has reportedly issued the instruction for the transfer of Mr. Ferozi after receiving recommendations from a delegation which was appointed to review Mr. Ferozi’s case, particularly focusing on his deteriorating health condition and the steps he has taken so far to fulfill the financial commitments he had made pertaining the Kabul Bank collapse case.
The delegation has also recommended to President Ghani that Mr. Ferozi has relatively acted well to fulfill his commitments and his transfer to his house could further help him to expedite fulfilling his commitments, despite admitting that they will have no legal justification for the transfer of a detainee to his residence.
(Sahar News)

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