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Govt and Taliban contact groups meet again

Govt and Taliban Contact Groups Meet to Finalize Procedural Rules

KABUL – Afghan and Taliban contact groups held a meeting in Doha to discuss and finalize procedural rules for the main agenda of the peace negotiations.
Nader Nadery, member and spokesperson of the Afghan peace delegation tweeted yesterday, “Contact groups of both delegations held a meeting today and discussed to finalize Rules and Procedure. The meeting lasted almost 4 hrs. These discussions will continue moving forward.”
Meanwhile, Mohammad Naeem, a spokesperson for the Taliban’s political office, also wrote on his twitter that contact groups would continue meetings until the remaining issues were resolved.
There are still differences of opinion between the two groups on two key issues.
Some sources in Doha say that the Taliban prefer the presentation of Hanafi jurisprudence as a basis of discussion and reject Jafari jurisprudence. Moreover, Taliban insist on holding Intra-Afghan talks within the framework of the US-Taliban agreement.
So far, the contact groups have agreed upon 18 issues.
(Sahar News)

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