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Half of Afghanistan Population Suffer From Depression, Anxiety

Half of Afghan Population Suffer From Depression, Anxiety

KABUL – According to Afghan health officials, more than half the Afghan population, including many survivors of conflict-related violence, struggle with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress, but fewer than 10 percent receive adequate psychosocial support from the state, according to government documents.
The Afghan government and international donors should expand mental health services and outreach campaigns.
Health officials said that the ministry of public health has trained nearly 750 mental health advisors to cut down mental health problems in the country, adding that currently there is one mental health advisor in each health center.
Deputy minister of planning and policy for public health has stressed that for the first time, the ministry in close cooperation of EU in Afghanistan has conducted an assessment on mental health among Afghan population in 16 provinces of the country.
Moreover, EU has helped the MoPH in training of mental health advisor since 2003 and its cooperation with the ministry will continue in future. It is worth mentioning that the ministry is determined to increase the number of mental health advisors to 1,000 in coming three years.
(Sahar News)

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