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Head of TEFA Claims He Received Death Threats

KABUL — Naeem Ayoubzada, head of the Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA), an election monitoring organization based in Kabul, declared on Wednesday that the ruling electoral team was threatening him with death, reported Ariana News on Wednesday.
“We are being threatened and those who have threatened me can hear my voice. I’m concerned because I have no protection and there is no mechanism in place for our protection,” The CEO of TEFA, while speaking at a press conference in Kabul, said.
Clearly, pointing the allegation against the team of President Ashraf Ghani, Mr. Ayoubzada said he was threatened with death for providing information on the Afghan presidential election that took place across the country on September 28.
Ariana New further reported that Najib Danish, a spokesperson for the President Ghani’s Presidential Team, denied Mr. Ayoubzada’s claim, adding that “If he has any document to prove his claims, he should submit it to judicial organs.”
In addition, the electoral watchdog criticized the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for enforcing limitations on electoral observers.
“Though IEC has built a golden cage but observers have no access to information,” said Nasir Nasiri, a member of TEFA who observes the activities of IEC’s tally center on daily basis.
TEFA also claimed that there are possibilities of electoral fraud in the election commission.
(Sahar News)

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