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Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Religious Leaders Call for Calm Between Youth and Government

HONG KONG – Young people and demonstrators took to the streets to defend Hong Kong’s constitutional freedoms “must resist the temptation to carry out acts that can cause violence”, Herald Malaysia reported Wednesday.
In the same way, the executive and the police of the Territory “avoid committing actions that can further exacerbate spirits”.
This is what the representatives of the six major religions of Hong Kong are asking for in an appeal published following the clashes and demonstrations in recent days.
The “Colloquium of the Six Religious Leaders” of the Territory is a body that brings together the leaders of Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam, Protestant Christianity, Taoism and Catholicism (in the Chinese world, Catholics and Protestants are considered members of different religions).
Currently, the representative of the Catholic Church is Card. John Tong Hon, bishop emeritus of Hong Kong appointed by Pope Francis Apostolic administrator of the diocese awaiting a new prelate.
In the document, published only in Cantonese, the leaders ask the population to “express their opinion in a peaceful and rational manner.
At the same time, we ask the government and anyone who opposes these demonstrations to listen to the opinion of others and communicate sincerely.”
The situation of the former British colony, the signatories warn, “is already exacerbated. We must all work to ensure that this climate is not further fueled.”
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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