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IEC Calls for Germany’s Help to Solve Computer Problems

KABUL – The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Thursday said that two German engineers from DERMALOG firm have come to Kabul to speed up the technical work of the IEC and the counting process.
According to Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi, spokesman of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), the German experts will work to protect the central server, speed up the transfer of data from biometric devices to the central server and solve other technical issues.
Recently Abdullah Abdullah’s team said that the biometric server did not work regularly in the past one week, while According to reports, the server of IEC was hacked and it was out of service, the IEC officials confirms and acknowledge that the Data of its main server is safe and has not been damaged.
Ghani’s team said there was no evidence to prove the system was hacked.
Electoral watchdogs said that central servers of the election commission have been out of access in the past few days, expressing concerns over fraud-related moves.
The election commission on Wednesday acknowledged that its central server was not normally active and they have no access to information saved in the data.
The IEC spokesman confirmed that so far, 5,000 forms of voters have been transferred to the system.
The commission said that the problem would be solved by the German computer experts.
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