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IEC Remains Silent Against Consistent Protests

IEC Remains Silent Against Consistent Protests

KABUL – The electoral commissions of Afghanistan have not yet provided clear answers to the demands of protestors which has persuaded continuous back to back protests in most parts of the country amid political uncertainties.
Thousands of Kabul residents marched on the streets on Friday and farmed a large gathering in Pashtunistan Watt, nearby the Presidential Palace. The protesters demanded transparent election results and clarification on the 300K suspicious and non-biometric votes that have been counted by the Independent Election Commission.
The protesters released a declaration wanting that the Independent Election Commission must invalidate the suspicious and non-biometric votes and re-initiate the votes recount process.
Friday’s protest were followed by protests by thousands of other citizens who walked out on the streets in Takhar, Baghlan, Jawjan, Parwan, Faryab and Sar-e-Pul provinces.
The Independent Election Commissions of Afghanistan sent out a press release in response to the Friday’s protest.
IEC’s statement said that the electoral commissions will protect the votes casted by the people of Afghanistan and doesn’t allow any individual, group or institution to interfere.
The Election Commission will proceed in the shadow of laws, policies and procedures, we reassure all the relevant bodies, stakeholders, candidates and the people of Afghanistan to be confident that the IEC only validates the biometric votes after the identification and verification process, IEC added in the statement.
Mohammad Natiqi, a senior member of the ‘Stability and Convergence’ electoral team told news sources that the statement IEC which has released does not resolve the issue and it is not a clear and satisfactory answer to the demands of the protesters.
“We have credible evidence and documents that there are three hundred thousand votes verified as fraudulent which must be invalidated and removed from the system as per the agreements with IEC,” said Natiqi.
He further added that Dermalog, a German based identification system provider which has provided the biometric devices for the Afghanistan presidential election has confirmed in a letter that one hundred and two thousand votes have been casted before or after the election time.
The Independent Election Commission has not commented further.
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