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ILO calls for greater protection of homeworkers

ILO Calls for Greater Protection of Homeworkers

GENEVA – The International Labor Organization (ILO) has called for greater protection of homeworkers, who have increased in the face of the impact for Covid-19.
In its report “Working from home from invisibility to decent work”, UN agency shows that this group does not have the same level of protection as the others, it is less likely to be part of a union or to be included in collective agreements.
They earn on average 13% less in the UK, 22% less in the US, 25% less in South Africa and 50% less in Argentina, India and Mexico.
They also face greater health and safety risks and have less access to training programs than people who do not work from home, which can hurt their careers.
According to ILO estimates, before the pandemic, there were around 260 million homeworkers worldwide, representing 7.9 percent of global employment; of these, 56 percent were women (147 million).
This category includes those who work remotely on an ongoing basis, as well as those who perform non-automated work in the production sector, such as embroidery, crafts, or electronic assembly.
This also includes those who work through digital platforms in the service industry, for example, processing insurance claims, editing texts or recording data for the purpose of training artificial intelligence systems.

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