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Increasing security concerns in Kabul

Increasing Security Concerns in Kabul

The increase in target killing, armed robberies and killings of innocent civilians has infuriated the citizens of Kabul and the existing deteriorating situation has created a great challenge for the government. The inhabitants of all major cities in Afghanistan, particularly Kabul, complain about the intensifying insecurity and accuse the security organs of failing to provide security to the people. Many people in the capital Kabul say that Kabul is no more safe and worth living.
Following growing protests over insecurity, including violent and armed robberies that in some cases led to the killing of innocent people, the Afghan government decided to temporarily hand over responsibility for security in the capital to First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh. After Saleh’s appointment, the increase in insecurity, including criminal offenses in Kabul, was so great that the citizens of the capital spread the hashtag “#Kabulisnotsafe” on social media.
In the wake of these security concerns, the Afghan government posted pictures of criminals and wanted persons on banners on the city walls and asked for people’s help to arrest them but all in vain. Since, Saleh took responsibility of security in the capital, the insecurity has worsened manifold. Experts believe that Saleh is trying to subjugate all those who oppose him and he is not the suitable person for the job.
On the other hand, some people have claimed that they are not involved in crimes and their names have been mistakenly listed in the list of wanted persons. Citizens of Kabul have called on the Afghan government to publicly prosecute the wanted criminals after their arrest and impose severe punishments on them. However, although the Afghan government has said that street crimes have reduced, other insecurities, including magnetic bombings and suicide bombings in Kabul, remain alarmingly high.
Many people are of the view in Kabul city that security forces are cooperating with thieves and that thieves have no fear of the police because they give the police their share. The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said in a report that 533 civilians were killed and 412 others were injured in targeted assassinations in the past six months of this year. Expressing concern over the targeted killings, the commission said the continuation of the process would be contrary to the peace talks.
On December 24, 2020, US special envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, condemned recent targeted killings in Afghanistan, adding that, the attacks must stop which threaten the peace process.
Khalilzad further added: “Living with so much violence is no way to live. It breeds a climate of fear. Fear will drive more Afghans to leave their homeland. Who will then be left to advocate for rights and freedoms? This is not the way a society will thrive and prosper.”
“I urge the negotiating parties to redouble their efforts. We stand ready to help,” he said.
AIHRC Data shows that 23 human rights defenders were killed over the past year and the number of targeted killings has increased by 50 percent this year compared to a year before.
AIHRC chairman, Shaharzad Akbar, said December 24, 2020 that: “The targeted killings are really a concerning issue. Over the first six months of the year, the scale of targeted killings registered by the human rights commission shows a 50 percent increase. Unfortunately, Journalists, human rights activists, religious scholars are the victims of targeted killings.”
It is believed that the root causes of increase in insecurity and terror in Afghanistan is unemployment and poverty, because most of the youth in this country are unemployed and neither the government nor the private sector can provide enough employment for the youth.
Unemployment and poverty in Afghanistan have caused a number of young people, despite knowing the dangers of travel, to take the difficult path of migrating to other countries of the world.
No matter how much the Afghan government increases number of security forces the current situation would not be controlled as the government is not capable of handling the issues of immense importance appropriately in the country. Experts in Afghanistan are of the view that Afghan government led by Ashraf Ghani trying to abolish the peace talks with Taliban to remain on his seat. Last but not least, the Afghan government must pay importance to the internal issues of Afghanistan and try to solve the issues being faced by the Afghans.
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