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Khoobsurat, Pakistani Film to be Released in 2020

KARACHI, Pakistan – Acclaimed writer Asma Nabeel is preparing for another feature film that covers sensitive topic of body shaming. Speaking exclusively to Masala, Asma Nabeel confirms that apart from her film on breast cancer, Khoobsurat is also in its preproduction phase.
Spilling details Asma Nabeel added that “It’s a sensitive topic and it’s high time where one needs to address such type of stereotypes.”
She further elaborates that “Khubsoorat” is a film that will handle body shaming in an entirely different manner.”
She confirmed that she herself has written it whereas it will be co-produced by Crew Motion Pictures and Shiekh Amjad Rasheed of International Multi Group of Companies.
She also confirms that the film will be directed by “Chalay Thay Saath” director Umer Adil. The cast has also been finalized however it is yet to be announced as the media houses are finalizing few minor details.
“I personally feel that our forte is storytelling, and in our films also, we must focus on gripping stories. “Khubsoorat” will be one testimony of a good story. I am really excited the way script has taken its shape. And I am hopeful that audiences will love it,” Asma Nabeel elaborated.
Upon asking about another film on body shaming that is being made by star director Nabeel Qureshi and Producer Fizza Ali Meerza that has Ahmed Ali Butt in his lead role Asma it is very simple.
“It happens around the globe even if you look across the border two big films like Dangal and Sultan came with the same topic. It’s all about the story and the difference. We feel our stories will be poles apart. One big difference is that Fatman is a father son story. However Khubsoorat will focus on the female perspective,” She explains.
While speaking exclusively to Masala, Director Umer Adil expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing work of Khoobsurat and he is hoping that the film will hit the floor soon.”
Umer Adil told Masala that “over the years the film medium has been a reflection of what we experience or demand as a society in a particular era.”
He further added that “these days it is heartwarming to see that a number of films in our region are dealing with intelligent plots and storylines.”
According to Umer Adil, “Khoobsurat is well crafted and entertaining script, touching on some very important issues that we face yet find it difficult to voice. Looking forward to working with the brilliant team at Crew Motion pictures and Distribution Club,” he added.
(Sahar News)

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