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Lack of Ballot Verification Would Lead to a Crisis Watchdog

Lack of Ballot Verification Would Lead to a Crisis: Watchdog

KABUL – While only three months remain before the announced date of the third presidential elections in Afghanistan, a non-governmental electoral watchdogs warns that lack of a system to verify original ballots from the fake ones, would lead the contest to a crisis.
The Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) said Monday the Independent Election Commission (IEC) has failed to prepare a mechanism for a clean registration list, saying that this explains lack of determination for the polls.
The third presidential elections are scheduled for September 28, with 18 people including incumbent president Ashraf Ghani competing to occupy the president post.
“The election commission has not yet prepared a mechanism to verify the voters. This can guarantee more than 60 per cent of transparency,” said Naeem Ayoubzada, head of the TEFA.
8.8 million voters had registered to vote for the last October’s legislative elections, according the election commission. The figure was denied as an imaginary figure by political parties.
Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah who is one of the runners for presidency, warns a fraudulent election would cause instability in the country.
IEC says that 450,000 voters have so far registered at the empowering round of registration that includes Ghazni province as well. Parliamentary poll was not held in Ghazni province due to unknown reasons.
“The scanning process of registration papers has begun and we are working together with the identification registration department to verify original ID cards from fake ones,” said Zabihullah Sadat, a spokesperson of the commission.
The monitoring bodies say they are unauthorized by the IEC to supervise the registration process.
(Sahar News)

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