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Li Urges China and Germany to Strengthen Cooperation and Preserve Multilateralism

BEIJIG – Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, calling on both countries to strengthen their strategic cooperation and jointly preserve multilateralism and free trade, Xinhua news reported on Saturday.
In their talks at the Grand Palace of the People, Li said that the strengthening of China-Germany strategic cooperation and the maintenance of stable development of bilateral relations, while the global economy is facing pressure to the decline, It not only benefits China-Europe relations but also peace, stability and global prosperity.
He called on both countries to preserve multilateralism and the free trade system with the World Trade Organization at the center.
Both countries need to support inclusion ideas to broaden market opening in both directions, Li said.
“China will not change its initiative to expand market opening, nor the policy of welcoming foreign investment,” said Li, adding that China would further strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights.
He added that China hoped that Germany could maintain market openness, relax export restrictions on civilian technologies and treat Chinese companies in a fair and equitable way in terms of investment control and access to market.
China is ready to strengthen cooperation with Germany in the areas of self-driving, technological innovation, artificial intelligence, youth exchanges and vocational training, said the Prime Minister.
With regard to China-EU relations, China has always attached great importance to Europe and is ready to establish a solid cooperation relationship with the new leaders of the EU institutions to advance the negotiations on the bilateral treaty.
China-Europe investment and an agreement geographical indications, said Li.
Merkel, who is making her 12th visit to China as German Chancellor since 2005, congratulated China for its remarkable progress in recent decades, especially over the past two decades.
In praising China’s outstanding contribution to the global economy during the 2008 international financial crisis, Merkel said China has the same right to develop as other countries and that its development process should not be hindered.
She said Germany and China support multilateralism and free trade. Germany hopes to end negotiations on a bilateral agreement between China and Europe during Germany’s term as the EU’s rotating presidency in the second half of 2020, she said.
After the talks, Li and Merkel witnessed the signing of a series of bilateral agreements and jointly met the press. Before the talks, Li organized a welcome ceremony for Merkel.
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