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Macron to Johnson: Not Enough Time for A New Agreement Brexit

PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron has declared firmly to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday that he does not have enough time to negotiate a new divorce agreement in Brexit, writes William James on Friday.
On his first foreign trip since becoming Prime Minister a month ago, Johnson warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Macron that they would face a potentially messy Brexit on Oct. 31, unless the European Union does not enter into a new agreement.
The fate of Britain is in Johnson’s hands, Macron said, adding that if no agreement is envisaged by the EU, the bloc would be ready to face such an eventuality.
“I want to be very clear: in the coming month, we will not find a new withdrawal agreement that deviates from the original,” said the French leader in the courtyard of the Elysee, alongside Johnson.
But he reached out to Johnson, adding, “No one will wait until October 31 without trying to find a good solution.”
Johnson told Macron that he wanted an agreement on Brexit and was convinced that it was still possible to conclude one in time for the October 31 deadline.
He said he was “strongly encouraged” by what he had heard from German Chancellor Angela Merkel during talks in Berlin on Wednesday.
“Let’s get to Brexit, let’s do it in a sensible, pragmatic way and in the interest of both parties and do not wait until October 31,” Johnson said.
“Let’s continue now by deepening and intensifying the friendship and partnership between us.”
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