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Aryana Sayeed Appointed as Goodwill Ambassador

MoPH Appoints Aryana Sayeed as Goodwill Ambassador

KABUL – The Minister of Public Health Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz on Sunday introduced Afghan singer Aryana Sayeed as goodwill ambassador of the ministry, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) said in a statement.
As per the statement, a contract was also signed between Mr. Feroz and Ms. Aryana Sayeed during a ceremony which was organized on Sunday to mark World Cancer Day.
The statement further added that Ms. Sayeed will make petitions and work for public awareness to combat cancer as goodwill ambassador.
In his speech during the ceremony, Miniser Feroz expressed concerns regarding the growth in cancer disease and said the disease is on the rise across the globe and is the second most common disease after heart disease which claims the lives of the people globally.
Minister Feroz further added at least 18 million were diagnosed with cancer diseases and at least 10 million people have lost their lives due to such diseases.
According to Minister Feroz, breast cancer is one of the common cancer diseases among women while stomach and jaw cancers are common among men in Afghanistan with 30 to 40 thousand patients being diagnosed with cancer diseases annually in Afghanistan while 15 thousand people lose their lives.
He also added that the main causes of cancer in Afghanistan are the consumption of fried meat, lack of physical activities, pollution and use of tobacco.
In the meantime, Aryana Sayeed hailed the MoPH’s efforts to reduce the deaths of mothers, infants, and cancer diseases and added that cancer is one of the deadliest non-contagious diseases.
She also vowed to step up efforts to make petitions and increase public awareness regarding the causes of cancer disease in Afghanistan.
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