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MoPW, $7-billion roads

MoPW: 50% of $7-Billion Roads Already Damaged

KABUL – The Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) on Sunday said that over $7 billion has been spent on the roads and highways across Afghanistan over the past 19 years, and that 50 percent of the roads are on the verge of total deterioration.
Overloading and security threats are counted among the key factors behind the damage of the roads, according to the Ministry of Public Works.
Experts say that lack of maintenance and government negligence are also among the factors.
Based on the statistics of the Afghan Ministry of Public Works, over recent years 23,716 kilometers of roads have been built in the country.
“Those portions of roads which have been damaged in the restive regions of the country, the Ministry of Public Works plans to conduct survey and technical assessments of the projects and rebuild them once the security is maintained there,” said Mohammad Ashraf Haqshenas, a deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Public Works.
Kabul-Kandahar highway is one of the main transportation ways which connects Kabul to the south.
Most parts of the Kabul-Kandahar highway have been damaged due to war and violence.
In the north, the Salang Pass is also in a similar situation.
“There is a dire need to review the hiring process, a probe team must be tasked to review all transportation projects and infrastructure and prepare a database for it to find out that how much construction has taken place,” said Nazeer Ahmad Nejabi, a road construction expert.
Economic experts have said that if the current situation continues, Afghanistan in the future will not be able to take advantage of the world road and transportation organizations.
(Sahar News)

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