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N. Korea Fires Two Short-Range Missiles, More can Come: S. Korea

SEOUL – North Korea on Saturday fired, what appeared to be two short-range missiles, South Korea said in a “show of force” against joint military exercises between the United States and Korea South, Reuters reported Saturday.
Other missile launches are very likely, as the North Korean army conducts its own summer exercises, the South Korean chief of staff said in a statement.
The launch took place just hours after US President Donald Trump said he had received a “very nice letter” from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
North Korea has fired a series of missiles and rockets since Kim and Trump agreed at a meeting on June 30 to restart blockade talks on denuclearization.
A US official said at least one projectile had been launched and appeared to be similar to the previous short-range missiles launched by Pyongyang.
According to the South Korean army, two missiles have traveled about 400 km at an altitude of about 48 km.
Trump downplayed recent North Korean weapons launches when he spoke to reporters earlier Friday, saying, “I repeat: there have been no nuclear tests. Missile tests have all been short-range. No ballistic missile test. No long-range missiles.”
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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