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“NATO is Eroding and I can Only Welcome That”, Claims German Parliamentarian

PARIS – Earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron called attention to the current NATO crisis and told The Economist that “we are feeling it at the moment. NATO’s brain death and Europe’s military supremacy must be restored.
Together with Turkey, the United States is the “grave digger of NATO,” because they took advantage of the alliance solely for their own gain, according to Alexander Neu, Deputy Bundestag and Foreign Policy Member of the parliamentary group Die Linke (The Left).
“Until recently, the United States followed its own interests solely, including through NATO, and we have been seeing Turkey doing the same thing for several years now…NATO erodes, and I can only accept it,” Neu quotes Sputnik as saying.
Simultaneously, he acknowledged that the coalition could not make the same contribution to Eurasia’s security as a true rapprochement between Western Europe, the United States and Russia.
The statement comes nearly a week after French President Emmanuel Macron has called on Europeans to step up their defence efforts because they can no longer rely on NATO.
“What we are seeing at the moment is NATO’s brain death,” Macron said, referring to President Donald Trump’s lack of coordination and US unpredictability.
Along with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, berated Macron for his “drastic words” and argued that NATO would remain a central pillar of Germany’s security.
Nevertheless, the French President’s strongly worded speech repeated last year’s appeals by Macron and Merkel that the EU should have a “true European army” independent of the US and NATO to be able to defend itself against perceived threats.
German parliamentarian Alexander Neu went on to say that Europe does not need American Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and that if Washington goes ahead with its proposed package of measures against companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 plan, the EU and Germany will implement counter-sanctions.
Neu said; “We call for joint sanctions against the US of course, we need to consider carefully what these steps would mean, but if Washington, for instance, were to impose sanctions on German or Swiss companies involved in pipe laying in the Baltic Sea, then the EU or Switzerland would consider implementing appropriate counter-sanctions impacting US imports or products. We in Europe do not need American LNG.”
Once the 1,230 km pipeline has been completed, it will double the current ability of Nord Stream to export gas to Europe from 55 to 110 billion cubic meters per year and transform Germany into a gas hub.
In an effort to sell its own more lucrative liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe, the US and its Polish, Baltic and Ukrainian partners have tried to stop Nord Stream 2, with the Trump administration threatening to slap sanctions on the project’s European companies.
Washington argued that its sanctions aim to “shield” Germany and Europe from becoming overly dependent on Russian supplies of fuel.
Earlier, the German parliament passed a bill regulating the application of amendments to the EU Gas Directive in Germany, which affect the Nord Stream 2 project.
The adopted German law stipulates that modifications will not apply to “sections of pipelines situated within Germany’s borders” and are exempt under certain conditions.
According to the CDU / CSU report for the Committee on Energy and Economics, the Nord Stream pipeline will therefore be excluded from the new regulations as an already constructed project, while for Nord Stream 2 “the legislative rules must be implemented in order to unbundle [separation of energy supply and ownership] into a 12-nautical-mile section [22.2 km].”
Germany also hailed Denmark’s decision last month to approve the development of a Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline segment along the Danish continental shelf as “good news.”
The Nord Stream 2 twin pipeline with a total capacity of 1.9 trillion cubic feet is a joint venture between Russian gas giant Gazprom and five Western European energy companies, including ENGIE from France, OMV from Austria, Royal Dutch Shell from the UK and Uniper from Germany and Winter shall from Germany.
This travels along the Baltic Sea floor through Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Sweden’s territorial waters or exclusive economic zones.
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