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Netanyahu Hints at Israel’s Involvement in Bombings in Iraq

TEL AVIV – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday referred to possible Israeli involvement in attacks on Iran-related targets in Iraq, Reuters reported.
A series of explosions in recent weeks has affected weapon depots and bases belonging to paramilitary groups in Iraq, mostly supported by Iran, Israel’s regional foe. The groups blamed the blasts in Wednesday on the United States and Israel.
In an interview with Israel’s Channel 9 television channel broadcast on Thursday, Netanyahu was questioned whether Israel would act against Iranian targets in Iraq if necessary. He stated: “We operate – not just if necessary, we intervene in many areas against a state that wants to annihilate us. Of course, I left the security forces free and asked them to do what was necessary to thwart Iran’s plans. ”
Netanyahu did not directly designate Iraq as one of these regions.
Israel has reportedly carried out hundreds of strikes in Syria, including some against Iranian targets, to prevent Tehran from establishing a permanent military presence in its territory and to prevent advanced weapons from reaching its proxies in the region.
Israeli officials have recently suggested that they consider Iraq, whose main ally is Iran, more threatening than in recent years, without commenting directly on the recent attacks on the sites of the Popular Mobilization Forces (FPR) in Iraq.
On Wednesday, the PMF, the paramilitary majority group of Iraqi Muslim clerics, said the US had allowed four Israeli drones to enter the region, accompanying US forces and carrying out missions to Iraqi territory.
The Pentagon has denied any involvement. The US-led coalition in Iraq to fight the remains of the Daesh group rejected the statement.
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has ordered the removal of all ammunition dumps belonging to the armed forces or paramilitary groups outside the cities.
It also canceled all special flight authorizations granted to Iraqi and foreign aircraft, which means that sorties, including from the US-led coalition against Daesh militants, must first be authorized by the prime minister.
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