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No-Deal Brexit will be Stopped: Hammond

LONDON – The Parliament will block a Brexit without an agreement, if the non-elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson tries to pull Britain out of the European Union on October 31 without agreement, Euro-reporter quoted former British Finance Minister Philip Hammond on Wednesday on Thursday.
The UK is heading for a constitutional crisis in his country and a confrontation with the EU while Johnson has promised to leave the bloc in 77 days without agreement, unless he agrees to renegotiate a divorce as a result a Brexit.
After more than three years of Brexit dominance over European affairs, the bloc has repeatedly refused to reopen the withdrawal agreement, which includes an insurance policy at the Irish border that Theresa May, his predecessor, had agreed to.
Hammond, who served as Finance Minister for the past three years, said unelected people at Johnson’s Downing Street office were putting London on an “inevitable” trajectory towards a Brexit without agreement by asking the removal of protection.
“The people behind know that, it means there will be no agreement,” Hammond told the BBC.
“Parliament is clearly opposed to an exit without agreement, and the prime minister must respect that.”
The first public intervention of the former minister since his resignation indicates the determination of a group of influential legislators to thwart Johnson if he engages in a Brexit without agreement.
Hammond said he was confident that Parliament, where a majority would oppose a Brexit without agreement, would find a way to block that outcome.
Opponents of non-agreement say it would be a disaster for what was once one of the most stable democracies in the West. According to them, a messy divorce would hurt global growth, send shockwaves into the financial markets and weaken London’s claim to be the world’s financial center par excellence.
Brexit supporters say there could be a short-term break with a no-go exit, but the economy will prosper if it is released from what they see as a failed integration experiment, that led Europe to retreat behind China and the United States.
On the way to one of the biggest constitutional crises in at least a century, the British elite wonders how, when and even if the outcome of the 2016 shock referendum will be implemented.
Part of the problem is that the British constitution, once presented as a global model, is not codified and vague. It is based on precedents, but there is little for Brexit.
Johnson, who replaced May after failing three times in the process of adopting his Brexit deal, refused to exclude prorogation from the House of Commons and Brexit supporters urged him to do so, where appropriate.
Hammond said that the 2016 referendum abandonment campaign was not in favor of an agreement, so going in these conditions would be tantamount to betraying the referendum that would bring the country back to a “little England turned in on itself”.
The United Kingdom, he said, would be threatened by likely referendums on the independence of Scotland and a united Ireland.
Johnson’s senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, was quoted as saying that he could delay the call for a general election after October 31, even if he lost a vote of no confidence allowing a Brexit without an agreement during the dissolution of Parliament.
Hammond made it clear that he thought there were people “pulling the strings down Downing Street, the ones who set the strategy.”
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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