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Nuclear Lab Project Included in Afghanistan Budget

Nuclear Lab Project Included in Afghanistan Budget

KABUL – Afghan government has included a project to build a nuclear laboratory in the draft of 2020 national budget.
The project is expected to cost 41 million Afghanis and is among 11 large projects in the budget proposal.
Afghanistan is a member of International Atomic Energy Agency, an organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy and to inhibit its use for any military purpose including nuclear weapons.
Afghanistan signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran for cooperation on nuclear energy as a delegation from Afghanistan Atomic Energy High Commission visited the neighbouring country in June this year.
The large projects included in the 2020 draft budget are related to the ministries of public works, energy and water and National Standards Authority.
Shah Kot-Ghulam Khan road, supplying Kabul city with drinking water from Panjshir River, Shah Toot dam, boosting underground water in Kabul, expanding gardening and system to monitor Kabul air quality are among the projects.
Nasir Temori, a member of Integrity Watch Afghanistan, said that for the first time, views of people in eight provinces have been included in the budget.
Moreover, balance of development projects has been estimated according to the level of poverty and population in provinces, according to Shamroz Khan Masjidi, a spokesman for finance ministry.
The draft budget estimates 428.3 billion afghanis, 139 billion of which is expected to go toward development.
The proposal awaits parliamentary approval.
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