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One Russian S-400 System Worth Three US Patriot Missiles: Erdogan

ANKARA – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said the first delivery of the Russian missile defense system S-400 will be carried out within 10 days, NTV television reported on Sunday, a day after the announcement of the lack of sanctions, Yenisafak said.
The United States ally with NATO, did not agree with Ankara’s decision to acquire the S-400, and Washington warned of US sanctions, If the deliveries were carried out. Turkey rejected the warnings, saying it would not withdraw.
The United States announced that the S-400 would compromise the F-35 fighter aircraft of Lockheed Martin Corp of which Turkey is a producer and buyer. Washington also officially launched the process of expelling Turkey from the F-35 program, ending the training of Turkish pilots in the United States.
But on Saturday, Erdogan said US President Donald Trump had told him there would be no sanctions on the Russian deal, after Trump said Turkey had been treated unfairly as a result of this move.
The White House said that Trump “expressed concern” about the S-400 agreement and “encouraged Turkey to work with the United States on defense cooperation to strengthen the NATO alliance.
Talking to the reporters in Japan, after G20 Summit, where he held bilateral talks with Trump, Erdogan said he believed the S-400 dispute would be resolved “smoothly” and added that his US counterpart had supported Turkey in the conflict.
In our phone calls, when we met bilaterally, Mr. Trump has not said: “We are going to impose these sanctions.” On the S-400, he told me: “You’re right.” “We have taken this problem to a very advanced level,” Erdogan said, according to NTV.
At this advanced level, Trump said: “This is an injustice.” “This is very important, I think we will overcome this process without any problem,” Erdogan added.
He added that the two leaders agreed to delegate the officials to follow the issue. He also said that Turkish and US foreign and defense ministers would “open the doors” to solve the problem.
To influence Turkey, the United States offered to supply Raytheon Co Patriot missiles.
According to NTV, Erdogan was quoted as saying: “An S-400 is worth three Patriots, if the conditions are equal to those of the S-400 (agreement), we would buy Patriots, but if we do not, we should think about our interests.”
Erdogan also said he hoped the issue of the Turkish lender Halkbank, which faces US Treasury sanctions in a case of circumventing sanctions against Iran that has deepened relations between allies, will soon be resolved, NTV said.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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