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Ineffectiveness of Foreign Aid in Afghanistan

Ineffectiveness of foreign aid in Afghanistan

The issue of attracting financial assistance from foreign countries and organizations to rebuild the economic infrastructure and state-building in Afghanistan has been one of the most important and worrying topics for the last two decades. If in the early days of the new political arena and the new government, the …

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India’s Negative Role in Afghan Peace Process

India's Negative Role in Afghan Peace Process

By Zeba Noori India and Pakistan have long competed to expand their influence in Afghanistan. However, the recent developments have shown that Pakistan is exercising that influence through a positive approach by supporting the peace process, while India is playing the role of a spoiler; particularly, after Pakistan was able …

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The Impact of US Election Result on Afghanistan

Impacts of US election result on Afghanistan

Few countries have been as affected by the recent US foreign policy initiatives as Afghanistan. The country was once backed by Washington during the Cold War, then left to the brink of civil war; then, it was liberated from the rule of strict and authoritarian Talibanism, and during the Obama …

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Why Is Helmand Important for Taliban?


While negotiators from ‘republic’s side’ and the Taliban are in the Qatari capital for talks aimed at bringing peace to the country, the Taliban have launched attacks in several provinces over the past two weeks. A large Taliban attack last week on Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, sparked …

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Turning Back to Peace After Years of War

Turning back to peace after years of war

Peace and freedom – two things the United States promised after the invasion of Afghanistan – are unattainable even after 19 years when the US forces landed in the war-torn country in 2001. Within weeks of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States, American fighters arrived in …

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Afghanistan-Pakistan’s Healing Relations

The Pakistani embassy in Kabul issued more than 2,000 visas in one day on October 12, following a government decision to facilitate Afghan citizens

The Pakistan embassy in Kabul issued more than 2,000 visas in one day on October 12, following a government decision to facilitate Afghan citizens. The move was part of Islamabad’s new policy to improve relations with its western neighbor, following its global role in the Afghan peace process to end …

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The Challenges in Intra-Afghan Peace Talks

challenges in intra-Afghan peace talks

As the main parties in Afghanistan come together for peace talks in Doha, Qatar, an old and unresolved debate arises: What should be the role of Islam in Afghanistan? The Taliban, who have fought for decades to establish an Islamic political system, signed an agreement with the United States in …

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Improvement in Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations

Improvement in Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations

It seems that Kabul-Islamabad bilateral relations have been increasingly positive after many years. The leaders of both sides have finally realized that for a progressive future there is no choice but to work together. In this regard, President Ashraf Ghani recently expressed Afghanistan’s desire to strengthen bilateral relations and trade …

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