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Feature: Two Presidents and the Ambiguous Future of Afghanistan

Feature, Two Presidents and the Ambiguous Future of Afghanistan

Despite billions of dollars incurred in costs, and the presence of the world’s largest economic and military power in Afghanistan and many countries of the world, why couldn’t a healthy and transparent election could be held. And, why without the mediation of the United States, the fate of election cannot …

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Feature: Failure of a Centralized Political System in Afghanistan

Failure of Centralized System in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, a country that has been in the midst of a centralized political system since 1880, and for nearly two decades in the twentieth century, has been more authoritarian. It has failed to achieve economic, social and political development despite its vast resources and geographical location. Of course, various factors …

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Analysing Taliban’s Reduction in Violence Offer in Afghanistan

Analysing Taliban's Reduction in Violence Offer in Afghanistan

By: Jawad Sadiq Fitrat In the recently held crucial rounds of peace talks in Doha, Qatar this month between Taliban negotiators and the US authorities represented by plenipotentiary former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, a consensus was developed on reducing the volume of Taliban-led violence in Afghanistan. Both the …

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Feature: Arg’s Monopoly is an Obstacle for Intra-Afghan Dialogue

Arg’s Monopoly is an Obstacle for Intra-Afghan Dialogue

Recently, US and Taliban representatives in Doha discussed a plan to reduce violence in Afghanistan. However, the lack of internal consensus on the plan is one of the major challenges for the intra-Afghan talks. Moreover, the monopoly and authority dispute between the citizens, CEO office, Arg and politicians continues. The …

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Ghani-Saleh Regime Policy Implications for the Neighbours

Acting Minister Investigated, Banned from Leaving Country

By: Jawad Sadiq Fitrat Dr Ashraf Ghani has been declared winner in presidential election’s preliminary result announcement. Since his last tenure as Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani has proved to stay as “Theorist-in-Chief” as was dubbed by George Packer in his article ‘Afghanistan’s Theorist-in-Chief’ published in New York Times in June …

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