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Over 4,100 test positive for coronavirus in Pakistan

Over 4,100 Test Positive for Coronavirus in Pakistan Over Past 24 Hours

ISLAMABAD – A whopping 4,411 new cases of coronavirus were reported across Pakistan on June 2, and 67 more have died from the infection in the past 24 hours, Pakistani media reported Wednesday.
The latest outbreak of COVID-19 brings national COVID-19 positive toll to 80,463, while the death toll stands at 1,688. Pakistan has broken the previous record of new maximum COVID-19 cases.
Earlier Sunday, Pakistan reported its highest number of deaths in 24 hours with 88 new deaths; however, given the increasing number of cases of coronavirus, doctors and health experts have warned that the infection is likely to spread unless strict locking is not enforced.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran announces the opening of new sectors as coronavirus cases exceed 74,000.
Imran Khan, in a live televised address, informed the Pakistani nation of the decisions made regarding the foreclosure in Pakistan to contain the new coronavirus at the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) meeting on Monday.
“From the first day we learned that the coronavirus had started to spread in Pakistan, we imposed a lock after a meeting of the national security committee,” he said.
“We observed the conditions in the Chinese city of Wuhan and in Europe when the virus started to spread and we saw how the world reacted. But at that time, when we had discussions and meetings, I was very clear on the path Pakistan had taken.”
“The situation in Pakistan is different from that of China or Europe,” he said, noting that he had previously informed the nation that 25% of the country’s population was below the poverty line, which “means that almost 50 million people in our country do not eat two full meals a day”.
Pakistani Prime Minister had said that doctors, the elite and the poor all had different opinions, but it was the oppressed of society who had no voice.
“But in hindsight, I shouldn’t have stopped business and construction because we had to balance. The coronavirus won’t go away until a vaccine is formulated. We have to live with it,” he noted.
He further added that the government had prepared a “negative list” of areas that would remain closed but “we have opened everything”.
The list, he added, “will be shared later today while a debate is underway on the resumption of tourism”.
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