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Over half a million Covid-19 deaths worldwide

Over Half A Million COVID-19 Deaths Worldwide

More than half a million people worldwide have lost their lives to the coronavirus, and more than 10 million cases have been confirmed.
The grim milestone reached when countries that tried to reopen continued to cut back on their plans while warning that renewed spikes in the virus may still be on the way.
In the United States, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Covid-19 had taken “a swift and hazardous turn” in the state.
Abbott had allowed businesses to start reopening in early May but closed limited bars and restaurants on Friday amid a spike in cases.
California Governor Gavin Newsom pushed back the reopening of bars in seven counties, including Los Angeles. He ordered them to close immediately and urged eight other counties to issue local health orders.
Meanwhile, health and human services secretary Alex Azar defended the fact that President Donald Trump has rarely worn a mask in public, saying he does not have to follow his own administration’s lead because, as world leader Free, he is examined regularly and is in “very different circumstances than the rest of us.”
Addressing spikes in reported coronavirus cases in some states, Azar said people “have to take ownership” of their behaviors by distancing themselves socially and wearing masks if possible.
A count reported by Johns Hopkins University researchers said the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic had reached 500,108.
About one in four of those deaths, more than 125,000, has been reported in the United States. The country with the next highest number of fatalities is Brazil, with more than 57,000, or approximately one in 9.
New York, once the nation’s pandemic epicenter, is now “on the opposite extreme,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo.
The state reported five new deaths from the virus on Saturday, its lowest number of daily deaths said since March 15.
In England, Leicester will face a two-week extension of his blockade after an increase in cases.
South Africa’s health minister warned that the current surge in cases in the country is expected to increase rapidly in the coming weeks and push hospitals to the limit.
Health Minister Zwelini Mkhize said the current increase in infections comes from people who “returned to the workplace.
“Therefore, cluster outbreaks were inevitable as diseases spread from communities to congregation places like mines, factories, taxis and buses.”
Meanwhile, Poland and France tried to move towards normality by holding elections that had been postponed by the virus.
Wearing compulsory masks, social distancing in the ranks, and carrying their pens to sign the voting records, French voters voted in the second round of municipal elections.
Poles also wore masks and used hand sanitizers, and some in virus-affected areas were told to post their ballots to prevent further spread.
The actual death toll from the virus is believed to be significantly higher. Experts say that, especially at first, many victims died of Covid-19 without being tested.
To date, more than 10 million confirmed cases had been reported worldwide. About a quarter of them have been reported in the United States.
The World Health Organization announced another daily record in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide, surpassing 189,000 in a single 24-hour period. The count dwarfs the previous record a week earlier by more than 183,000 cases, showing that case counts continue to progress worldwide.
Overall, the US still has the most distant cases. With more than 2.4 million, approximately double that of Brazil. The number of real instances worldwide is much higher.
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