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Pakistan Establishes Permanent Mission to OIC in Jeddah

ISLAMABAD – According to the Pakistani Foreign Office (FO) press release, the FO is establishing Permanent Mission to Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), coinciding with the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the OIC in 2019, is based on Pakistan’s desire to further strengthen its engagement with the OIC.
A statement released by Pakistan’s consulate in Jeddah said that Sheikh then presented his credentials to the OIC’s Secretary General.
“Presentation of credentials by Ambassador Sheikh marked the establishment of Pakistan’s dedicated Permanent Mission to the OIC and other international organizations. Earlier, ambassadors of Pakistan in Riyadh used to represent the country at the OIC,” it added.
Pakistan’s decision to establish its permanent mission is an acknowledgement of the OIC’s various resolutions which encourages member states to set up their respective missions in Jeddah and handle their affairs in a more efficient manner.
With 57 members, OIC is the world’s second largest intergovernmental organization after the United Nations. Pakistan values OIC’s steadfast support on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute and other causes of the Islamic Ummah.
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