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Pakistan Extends Ban on India Using its Airspace

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan and India closed their airspace to each other following a airstrike by the Indian Air Force (IAF) on an alleged terror camp in the Balakot region of Pakistan on February 26.
The Pakistani authorities have decided to prolong ban on India using its airspace for commercial flights until June 15, 2019. The ban was originally set to last until the end of May.
In February, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced the closure of Pakistani airspace for commercial flights. The decision was taken after the Pakistani Air Force (PAF) downed an Indian military jet that had crossed the Line of Control (LoC) in the disputed Kashmir region.
Pakistan and India relation have taken a turn for the worst this year. Tensions soared after a deadly attack in Kashmir on February 14, when a suicide bomber blew up an Indian security convoy, killing over 40 Indian Security personnel.
The tragedy led to heightened tensions between the two neighbors as the Indian Air Force (IAF) launched an airstrike on February 26 in Pakistan. The following day, Pakistan retaliated with a number of fighter jets and reportedly shot down an Indian aircraft, capturing the pilot.
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