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Pakistan Rejects Biased Claims of US Religious Freedom Report

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Saturday rejected the US Religious Freedom Report, calling it biased in a statement by the Foreign Ministry, the News reported Saturday.
According to the statement, the segment of the report on Pakistan is a digest of unfounded and biased claims.
“We do not support such national reports containing observations on the domestic affairs of sovereign states,” the statement said.
According to Pakistan, Pakistan has always played a positive role and engaged the international community, including the United States, in the context of a better mutual understanding of the issue of religious freedoms, which is under pressure in the whole world.
Pakistan believes that all countries are obliged to promote religious harmony and have the duty to protect their citizens in accordance with national laws and international standards.
Pakistan stated that one of the discriminatory aspects of the report was that it had ignored the systematic persecution of minorities, particularly Muslims, in India, under foreign domination and foreign occupation, as in Jammu and Kashmir.
Pakistan has also raised its concerns internationally, including with Western governments and the United States, in the face of the growing trend of Islamophobia in their own countries.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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